Daisy Family Rescue

Daisy Family's story begins in 2016 in Skopje, the capital of northern Macedonia. At that time, rescuing stray dogs was considered anything but noble in this country, and although this common civic opinion still exists, the immoral act of touching, fostering and adopting stray dogs has become a tolerated act within the local population.
It was at Daisy's rescue that we met, three complete strangers of young women, and in doing so discovered their shared desire and passion to rescue more unfortunate souls from the streets of Macedonia. In the following years they rescued more dogs and shortly after founded an official Macedonian animal welfare organization, which is now also active in Germany as a registered association: Daisy Family Rescue e.V..

Tierhilfe 4 Happy Paws

Tierhilfe 4 Happy Paws comes from the south of Germany and was born when its founder Sylvia first saw a killing station for dogs in Portugal. Without further ado, she decided to save the lives of some dogs there and so the foundation stone for the association was laid.  Meanwhile, the animal help consists of numerous volunteers, rescues and mediates dogs, offers foster homes, medical assistance and operates educational work. They work in Tenerife, Poland and Portugal.

Did you know?

These organizations don´t receive government funding, and often rescue volunteers donate their time and their own funds to provide care and support, including food and paying for veterinary care. Doggo Donate was founded with them in mind. All donations from our collection goes to support these workers and organizations. Please show your support, because the work they do is so important.